Hyderabad is referred to as the city with a royal past. Historic monuments often magnetize people towards the city. Along with its antiquity, the city has also embraced modernity. It is constantly expanding with better roads, more commercial zones, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and many more. After Bangalore, Hyderabad has been regarded as the next big destination for commercial investment. Companies like Microsoft, Wipro, TCS and many other globally known businesses have invested in this city. As a result, residential real estate growth has also been noted. People from different parts of the country come to this city in search of jobs. They need luxurious, safe and peaceful residences.

The demand for residential properties is rising exponentially in this city since the last ten years. With the increase in demand for the residential properties, a lot of developers are coming up with luxurious residential real estate projects. In the following section, the residential real estate boom of Hyderabad will be discussed in detail.

Availability of Lands at City Outskirts

Over the last 5-6 years, the city of Hyderabad is expanding rapidly. As it is creating more opportunities for people, the government is focusing on infrastructure development so that different regions of the city become convenient for living. Suburbs near the city are getting easily accessible through a seamless road network. In these suburbs, ample land is available for real estate projects. Along with residential complexes, you can find that schools, colleges, hospitals and many other establishments are getting developed. Most of the lands are available at low cost. Hence, developers find it worthy to purchase lands in Hyderabad for developing residential properties.

Low Cost Properties

The Old City area has become congested and highly populated. Price of property in this region is also high. As you move outside from Old City, you shall find that property prices are getting lower. Buying properties in neighborhoods like Nanakramguda, Kakatiya Hills and many others is convenient due to the comparatively low cost of the properties. If the cost of properties is compared with Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and other metro cities of India, you shall find that price of the properties is more affordable in Hyderabad. Thus, more people are showing their interests in buying properties at the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Future Tech Hub of India

After Bangalore, Hyderabad has been viewed as the next hub for information technology in India. Various multinational companies have already invested in this city, and many companies are in line for making investments. In such a scenario, it can be anticipated that there will be plenty of job opportunities in this city in future. Before the city acquires a higher population, it is wise to invest in real estate properties. You shall get properties at low cost, and there is availability of plenty of options for residential properties. You can find a suitable place for your apartment so that you can live a safe and luxurious life with your family members. Investors can also make investments at residential projects, as they shall get excellent return on investment in near future.

The most significant thing is the emergence of blue chip companies in this city. The companies that have already invested in this city are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Capgemini, Genpact, Amazon Data Centre, etc. Along with these blue chip companies, Hyderabad is also considered as the hub for startup businesses. With the encouragement from local administration, a lot of startup companies have emerged. Overall, financial activities are growing rapidly in this city. As a result, investing in properties in Hyderabad is a wise choice for residential property buyers or investors.

Safe City for Living

Hyderabad is one of the safest cities in India. Today, people seek safety for their family, and thus they choose places where public safety is not a concern. In the city of Hyderabad, public safety is impeccable. According to a survey conduct in the year of 2017, Hyderabad emerged as the safest city for women in India. Crime rate is always low in this city, and with the advent of time it keeps going downward. Hence, property investors can choose to invest in properties in Hyderabad. Living in this city with family members would be a secure thing. Nevertheless, various residential complexes have their own advanced security arrangements. From CCTV to trained security staff, there are all sorts of safety arrangements for people in such residential complexes.

High Quality Living Standards

The city of Hyderabad offers excellent living standards. There are many schools, colleges and other institutions. You can also find many reputed hospitals and small healthcare clinics. Apart from these basic services, the city has many amusement opportunities. The Old City region of Hyderabad is a popular tourist place. There are many popular restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs where people can hangout. The city offers various amusement parks for kids and adults. For example, you can plan a day’s trip to the Ramoji Film City. Kids and teenagers would love visiting Escape Water Park, Skyzone Hyderabad, Flipside Adventure Park, etc. Overall, living standard is comfortable in this city. From basic facilities to amusement or recreation for citizens, the city offers all sorts of services.

Government Policies for Encouraging Real Estate Business

The growth of commercial activities in Hyderabad is the credit of the state government and local administration to make the city seamless in terms of its infrastructure. State government wants growth of commercial activities in Hyderabad. Hence, it offers many kinds of doles and tax benefits to the real estate developers. Purchasing a residential property in Hyderabad is simple. Complex process of property registration has been made simplistic. Hence, buyers can conveniently conduct the registration process for their properties. Non-residential Indians can also easily invest into the properties in Hyderabad. The government has made the process simplified for the non-residential Indians.

If you are looking for investing in residential properties somewhere in India, Hyderabad is the most favorable place for you. In this city, you shall get arrays of choices for residential properties in different regions. Nevertheless, you can get a property at a reasonable budget in this beautiful city.


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