Luxury housing is in great demand in India, attracting high-net-worth people, investors, NRIs, and the majority of the ambitious urban populace. However, having a luxurious apartment reflects your status and prestige.

As real estate developers continue to market their projects as luxurious, it is always recommended that you cross-check this factor before deciding upon the purchase. So, if you are ready to invest your money in a luxury apartment for sale, here are some of the essential things to keep in mind. Let’s have a read ahead.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Luxury Apartments

Ready to invest a substantial sum in buying a luxury apartment? If yes, keep these factors in mind.

  1. Location of the Apartment

    When it comes to buying a luxury apartment, the location is a key consideration. Even though central location is a vital criterion for India’s luxury label, a project near a busy major city junction does not necessarily give a premium experience.

    It doesn’t matter if a project is’ regular’ or ‘luxury,’ if you can’t get in or out of it, it isn’t a house. The area decides whether or not your property is close to vital social infrastructures, such as educational institutions, medical facilities, entertainment, and social avenues. The asset’s valuation will reflect a strong location decision.

  2. Available Facilities

    A majority of apartments are thoughtfully constructed to provide residents with optimum comfort and cutting-edge amenities. Landscaped gardens, generously sized living rooms, modern and fully equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, controlled temperature control, an in-house gym, and much more are included in luxury residential projects.

  3. Security Around the Apartment

    Smart and technologically advanced security systems are one of the most desirable aspects of high-value luxury apartments. These security systems ensure that your house and family are secure, whether through inconspicuous security cameras, high-tech, automated alarm systems, access to the controlled system to monitor guest admittance and more.

  4. Amenities Surrounding the Apartment

    In luxury projects, beautiful architecture and furnishings are combined with state-of-the-art amenities to enrich the living experience at home. Buyers seeking a luxury apartment for sale should opt for homes with top-of-the-line interior features and outdoor amenities.

    Beautiful views, large green spaces, a multi-purpose sports hall, a luxurious spa, jogging and bicycle track, infinity-edged swimming pool, indoor games room, yoga room, and reading room are just a few of the amenities that make this an inclusive development.

  5. Spaciousness and Project Density

    To be considered luxurious, an apartment must be spacious. The room’s minimum height should be above 12 feet, and the apartment should be over 3500 square feet in size. The number of people who dwell in the development is referred to as density.

    There are no globally established guidelines; however, it is usually accepted that a one-acre project should not include more than 60 families. Anything additional denotes that the project does not fulfill the ‘luxury’ criterion.

  6. Trusted Developer

    It is crucial to choose a property from a reputable and trusted real estate developer. They will guarantee that the building quality, mentioned specifications, delivery of promised amenities, and possession date are all met, resulting in a stress-free purchase.

    While viewing luxury buildings by a reputable developer, homebuyers should conduct a background check on the developer. You can also go through their credits and rewards to comprehend their credibility.

  7. Attention to Detail

    One of the most frequently ignored aspects of purchasing a luxury apartment is the developer’s degree of attention to detail. While luxury apartments are enticing to the eye, it is crucial to ensure that the property is planned and built in accordance with the National Building Code, particularly in terms of the development’s capacity to withstand natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes.

Another vital consideration is that luxury fixtures like climate control systems, solar panels, and rainwater collection systems are of the caliber that your financial investment demands. The quality of the materials utilized, as well as the premium fittings, always reveal the genuine narrative of luxury.


While it is hard to prevent developers from benefiting from the luxury label, it is feasible to understand what true luxury is in the context of India. When you invest a day into hopping from one luxury flat for sale to another, make sure the one you choose values your finances and corresponds to your prestige and status.

As can be seen, distinguishing a project from the competition requires more than a single adjective like ‘luxury.’ As a result, before purchasing a luxury apartment, clients must thoroughly examine the aforementioned factors.

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