In today’s market, there are plenty of options to make money. However, knowing where to invest the same is challenging when it is about having a high return on investment. Besides, the housing market has a proven track record of being a winner, especially for long-term investment.

So, the first thing that comes to your mind when looking for apartments for sale is to maximize your returns. Buying a flat is a great investment and worth your money. With luxury apartment prices on the rise, it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Still, you should know certain aspects of buying flats before making the decision.

How long does it take for an apartment to get approved?

Getting approval from the concerned authorities for your apartment can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours. In short, it may take one day to up to three days for a property manager to review and respond to your application.

Apart from that, it depends on the information that you have provided. If there are gaps in the application, the process for approval might take more time. Follow the recommendations discussed below so that the approval takes minimal time when you are looking for the best luxury apartments for sale.

How to get fast approval for your apartment:

Most people assume that completing the application onsite is a simple affair. In reality, there are more processes involved rather than filling out personal details. The process involves submitting accompanying documents such as a letter of employment, bank statement, and so on.

The best way is to know your requirement beforehand by asking the authorities what they need. Getting everything they need ensures that the office won’t contact you for extra information. After applying, expect to receive a call within 24 to 72 hours.

But if you don’t hear from them for more than 72 hours, there should be some kind of confusion. In that case, you may want to follow up to see why the approval process is taking so long. In addition, ensure that you are reachable.

On rare occasions, the office might call you and if you are unavailable for some time, your application might be put on hold. Moreover, if the situation persists for a long time, you may not get the apartment.

Are flats worth buying?

Flats are often cheaper than houses because of the small space. So, if you are considering flats for sale as investment property, here are a few things that prove flats are worth buying.

  1. Flats are the first choice for many people

    As you have seen, flats are more popular with people looking to rent a space and for good reasons. Flats in city centers allow renters to provide accommodation close to their workplaces and other amenities.

  2. Flats provide flexible living spaces

    In flats, people can move things around with ease. For instance, you can move the kitchen into your living room. As such, it makes an open living space and gives you extra space. And, you can turn the extra room into a separate bedroom or a study room. Although chances for alteration are less with a house, it is not impossible.

  3. Security features in flats are amazing

    For many homeowners living in the heart of the city, security is a major concern. While you may install every security measure to keep intruders at bay, you have little protection when you are away from your home.

    In flats, there will be a gate where getting inside the building might be challenging for burglars. Getting into your flat by dodging the main gate, the building’s front door, and the hallway is difficult.

Why are flats so expensive?

Because flats are a great alternative to buying a house, you may wonder why flats are expensive. If your flat is located in a high-demand area, the price of owning the land is higher as well. Because the builder has to purchase the land and follow every legal procedure, the price of flats increases.

Another biggest factor that makes flats expensive is the number of amenities that the flat provides. For example, if there is a swimming pool, the cost of maintenance is distributed among other flat owners. In addition, flats get expensive because they provide you with parking space as well.

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