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Information Technology is a growing sector in India, and it has created rapid employment for the people in India. Today, information technology is imperative to support different sectors like retail, manufacturing, finance, banking, and many more. Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and many more are regarded as the major IT hubs of the country. Among these cities, Hyderabad is rapidly growing as a perfectly planned city. Living standard in this city is extremely comfortable. Thanks to local administration, crime rate is also significantly low in Hyderabad. For all these reasons, IT professionals from different regions of India are heading towards Hyderabad to pursue jobs.

If you are looking for properties in Hyderabad, here is a guide for you in the following section. You can find the most suitable residential locations for IT professionals in Hyderabad. Having an apartment in any of the following locations will help you to access the major IT offices and hubs of the city. Nevertheless, these places offer excellent civic facilities to the dwellers. You shall get school, college, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, and many other essential facilities at your vicinity. In the following section, the most suitable residential places for the IT professionals in Hyderabad are listed.

  1. Gachibowli

This is the most posh region in Hyderabad right now for residential properties. A lot of residential real estate developers have invested in this region. They have initiated or completed projects in recent times. As a buyer, you can check some properties in this region. Since it offers nearness to the IT hubs of the city, price of property is already high in this region. Apart from accessibility to major IT offices and hubs, this place features all the urban amenities or facilities that you need for a comfortable and seamless lifestyle. This neighborhood is also well-planned. Thus, you shall notice co-existence of greeneries and concrete buildings.

  1. Kakatiya Hills

Everyone seeks a home in such a place where beautiful surroundings prevail. If you want to live at a peaceful place and yet not far from the commercial zones of Hyderabad, Kakatiya Hills is the place for you. At this region, you shall get all sorts of modern amenities or facilities. But, most importantly, you shall get breezy atmosphere, pollution free surroundings, peaceful aura, etc. Luxurious living in urban areas comes in exchange of unhealthy atmosphere. Urban cacophony and air pollution have fatal impact on our mental and physical health. If you want to avoid these things, you can purchase an apartment at Kakatiya Hills. This region is well-connected to Hyderabad via seamless road network. It also gives you easy accessibility to the Gachibowli IT park and tech hub.

  1. Manikonda

Manikonda is also a developing zone for residential projects in Hyderabad. This neighborhood attracts both residential and commercial real estate investors. Connectivity to Dargah via OU Colony makes this region suitable for residential complex projects. It is also well-connected with Gachibowli Sports Complex. Buying a property at this region brings amazing pleasure for the people who want to live in Hyderabad. If you are an IT professional, you shall find this place suitable for residing with family due to easy accessibility to the Gachibowli IT hub.

  1. Nallagandla

If you want to live close to the Hitech City of Hyderabad, Nallagandla is the best place to search for residential properties. This is a posh region, and thus property price is soaring at this place. However, investing in properties at this place has many advantages. Firstly, you shall get a beautiful place to reside with your family members. Secondly, the place offers easy connectivity to Hitech City and other developing IT zones of the city. Lastly, presence of urban infrastructure and seamless facilities makes this place enjoyable for living. From shopping centers to hospitals, everything is there at stone throwing distance.

  1. Chandanagar

IT industry gives employment to many people. Fresher to the industry does not earn as high as the experienced personnel. Hence, they seek mid-budget apartments or flats for living. If you are searching for an apartment at affordable, Chandanagar is the place for you. At this region, apartments are not as costly as you find in areas like Nallagandla, Gachibowli, etc. At this place, you shall get properties at low budget. Even many housing complexes offer small 1 BHK apartments for the buyers. IT experts or techies can purchase apartments in this region. The benefit is that they shall get easy accessibility to the Hitech City from here.

  1. Hitech City

As the name of the region suggests, this place is the next big technology hub of India. Giant companies like Amazon, Google, TCS, and many others have invested in this region. Hence, choosing this place for living is an automatic choice for the IT professionals in Hyderabad. This place is also considered as the hub of many startups. Various globally and locally known startup businesses have their offices in Hitech City, Hyderabad. Purchasing an apartment in this region is always a good thing for the people who are employed in IT companies. There are many residential real estate projects, and thus finding a property would not be a great deal of trouble for buyers.

  1. Kondapur

For residential apartment seekers, Kondapur is an ideal place. This place is rapidly growing as a residential zone. The best thing is that you can get apartments at low cost at this place. For IT professionals, this place is ideal as many future investments have been proposed in this region. Kondapur is also well-connected via seamless road network to many parts of Hyderabad. Reputed real estate developers offer top-notch flats or apartments at this place. Buyers can contact those developers to find the most ideal property to suit their requirements.

So, these are the top seven places where you can search for residential properties in Hyderabad, if you are an IT professional. Accessibility to the man IT parks and offices is the most crucial factor. However, you should also look for a safe, peaceful and pollution free zone for buying your residential property.

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