According to many real estate agencies from different cities, a majority of people prefer to buy a 2BHK flat. So, why do most people choose a 2BHK flat? Are there more benefits compared to a 3BKH flat?

One thing is for sure 2BHK flats carry certain benefits that people like to have. And, this is why many people look for 2 bhk flats in Gachibowli.

This post tries to answer the most common question: the benefits of owning and living in 2BHK flats in Gachibowli. Read on to find out what makes a 2BHK flat an optimum choice for many home buyers.

A 2BHK flat offers utilization of space

One of the most common reasons why most people love to have a 2 BHK flat in Gachibowli is because of good space utilization. Many people believe that it is unwise to spend more money on buying a flat to get lavish space. But it doesn’t mean that a 1BHK flat might prove handy.

Many people believe that a 3BHK flat is too big for them and a 1BHK flat is relatively small. Whereas, a 2BHK flat offers the best option in terms of compactness and adequate space. Hence, it makes more sense for many homebuyers to invest in a 2BHK apartment.

A 2BHK flat is readily available

No wonder, the demand for 2BHK flats has increased in recent years. And, the real estate companies are providing them in abundance. Therefore, more and more people are looking for apartments for sale Gachibowli Hyderabad because 2BHK flats are readily available.

A 2BHK flat is the preferred choice for most homebuyers who like to invest in luxury homes. Builders are more likely to give importance to 2BHK projects than others. As a result, 2 BHK flats are always available on the market.

A 2BHK flat is more affordable

There is no denying that affordability is one of the important factors that lead to the demand for 2BHK flats in India. It benefits the buyer in terms of money spent on buying a home. Many home buyers prefer buying a 2BHK flat because it is affordable and has sufficient space.

It looks more like a one-bedroom apartment. A 1BHK flat comes at a lesser price while a 3BHK flat is too expensive compared to the 2 bhk apartments. However, if you stretch your budget a bit more, you can have a 2BHK flat with additional amenities.

A 2BHK flat has a lower maintenance cost

It’s no secret that a 2BHK flat is easy to maintain. However, these flats might be a little costly when it comes to maintaining a 1BHK flat. Still, the difference is not much compared to maintaining a 3BHK flat.

Therefore, it is wise to invest in a 2BHK apartment. Ease of maintenance is another major benefit that many people get from buying a 2BHK apartment.

A 2BHK apartment has more amenities

In India, people are always inclined toward having extras and it remains the same when buying a flat. So, builders consider giving add-ons to homebuyers. That way, it benefits the buyers because they get more than what they expected.

A bigger space, access to amenities, and other facilities inside the complex are what influence buyers to have a 2BHK apartment. Although you can invest in a 1BHK flat, a 2BHK flat comes with quality amenities that give more value for your money. A 2BHK flat gives you a lifestyle upgrade.

A 2BHK apartment has a high resale value

Typically, flats will have a great resale value. Prices of properties, especially in the cities are always increasing. As such, whenever you are ready to sell your apartment, chances are that you are going to make a great profit.

Just keep the apartment in good condition so that it stays almost new. This is the only thing that you should keep in your mind. Whatever you invest today will bring in good returns after some time. If your flat is located in a good location, you can even profit more.

Is there any demerit of living in a 2BHK flat?

No doubt, most homebuyers are happy with their choice of buying 2BHK flats. Still, at a later point in life, you may repent your decision. It is unwise to buy an apartment that fulfills your current needs.

When your family grows, you may need more space. The situation may become worse if your parents want to stay with you. Accommodating the needs of your parents and children might be problematic.


Therefore, it is clear that a 2BHK apartment is the smartest choice for many people. Even if your needs expand in the future and you need to sell your flat, you can have good resale value.

If you are looking for 2 bhk flats in Gachibowli, Celebrity Prime is your best option to get started. Contact us and we will give you the best solution for your needs.

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